Would Our Son Survive in a Third World Country


Today, we are taking our son to the local children’s hospital for a consult with a GI doc and dietician. Things have improved some since this post two years ago, but not enough for good nutrition. Our son likely would not survive in a third world country. He would quite possibly die without his preferred foods. Feeding disorders are real, and perhaps more prevalent in the United State of America. Please join me this month in prayer for our family and others who have children with special needs. Thank you!

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Yesterday I drove with my mom (aka “Granny”) to Downtown Disney.  This is a free shopping district near Disney but not in Disney World.  Why did we go?  I had seen a tweet by @DKPublishing about a book reveal at The Lego Store at Lake Buena Vista, Orlando.  I grew up going shopping there with my mom and grandparents.  It is a magical little place with shops on a waterfront.  We left early in the morning to get there when the store opened.


We arrived right on time, and we went into the world of Legos…our seven year old loves Legos more than most anything.  However, our four year old son does not share the same passion.  I had him in the jogging stroller so he could relax and enjoy the ride.  Granny took Addison to look at the walls of Legos, and I took Bryan to build Lego cars…

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Open Doors

Worship God if you want the best; worship opens doors to all his goodness.

Five Minute Friday prompt from Kate Motaung and a link up of fellow bloggers is “door.”  What?!  That is a weird one for me, but when I started reading through a search on Biblegateway.com I found it was mentioned many, many times in God’s Word.  It actually had quite a few negative connotations in the scriptures of the old testament, but then I found the nugget above.

Open doors to all of his goodness…

I like to open doors not close them.  It makes me happy to see our children’s doors open this morning so I can peek at them sweetly sleeping in these pre dawn hours.  I like to open the front door when neighbors come to chat or play.  Or, when my parents or others come to visit.

I like visits from friends even though I’m a natural introvert, I have discovered the beauty of fellowship with friends and family.  I need them, and they need me.  God’s goodness lies behind the closed doors.

Doors are for protection, privacy, and décor.  An open door reveals vulnerability, authenticity, and exposure to the mess that lies inside the room/home.  Seriously…if you open our front door you’d usually see toys strewn, bags of stuff going to and fro, and shoes…lots of shoes.  Today, when I opened the microwave door to heat up my morning cup of water for tea…I found a plate full of food!  Whoops!!!!  We forgot to feed our eight year old son his dinner after a late play practice!  You are kidding me?  I cannot believe I didn’t think to feed him once we walked through the door at long past bedtime…and he didn’t ask to eat.  Big breakfast for him today!

What lies behind the doors you open today?  I’m not sure, but God knows.  Worship God if you want His best.

Dear God,

You are our present everywhere.
Forgive me when I forget to open the door of my heart to seek you.
Give us eyes to see, hearts to feel, and open arms to accept what we encounter today with grace, love, and peace.
Thank you for another day.  Thank you for friends, family, and strangers that we encounter.  May they see you in me when I open doors today.
p.s. Did you know Episcopal churches always have red doors? My husband explained that the red doors are symbolic of entering the Church and getting to our Heavenly Father through the blood of Christ.  I like that.  In opening the door to Christ through the blood of His love we are washed clean to enter into fellowship with Him and other Believers.  Also, my eye has noticed that most doors have a cross shape in them if you look closely at the bevels!